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Anderson Masonry

Anderson Masonry LLC is a Family owned and operated Company. We have been in business over 50 years. Our specialty is repair and restoration of anything masonry. We take pride in our work and offer top quality work for you as a customer.

We service Weber, Davis , Salt Lake and Summit Counties

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(Grout Repair separate)

Chimney Repair

Due to the climate of freeze/thaw in Utah exposed masonry eventually will have deterioration. We specialize in coming in and assessing the damage and making repairs that will give you longevity, so you can enjoy your masonry work for years to come.


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We take pride in our work!

Chimney Hoods

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we are the professionals

Chimney hoods are a great way to set your home apart from your neighbors. Not only do they look great and are a nice finishing touch to the top of your chimney, they also make the top of your chimney waterproof.

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There is a wide variety of colors and styles available. Make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

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Top Quality Work!

We Also Specialize In

Concrete Replacement or Repair

If you have settling issues with your concrete, your finish is flaking or cracking give us a call for an estimate. We only use engineered concrete with fiber mesh. This eliminates many of these issues.


If you would like to update your fireplace or are installing a new one, give us a call. We have several options and styles from stone to brick.

Brick/Stone Mailboxes

If you are going to put in a mailbox, do it right the first time and put in a brick or stone one from Anderson Masonry.


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New Construction

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